Central dogma of biology logo

In early September 2017 I started designing a logo for the new biomedical research laboratory of Dr. Badran at the Broad Institute (Cambridge, MA). Here I want to share the whole process – from the mood boards and pencil sketches to the final logo.


STEP 1 – Getting to know and understand what is the main research topic of the lab, identify main concepts and create a first brainstorming of words and sketches.

I have been gathering information about the institute, collecting images and checking a talk Dr. Badran has on YouTube.

This are the first doodles and ideas:


STEP 2 – Elaborate a series of digital sketches using the shapes that Dr. Badran preferred.

STEP 3 – Refining the first digital sketch and defining the basic structure and elements of the logo.


STEP 4 – Color test with different color palettes.


STEP 5 – Retouching and testing small variations of the chosen logo and color palette.



Eurasian eagle-owl

Last April (2017) I had the opportunity to join a one-week scientific illustration workshop in the Natural Sciences Museum in Madrid organized by Illustraciencia, a leading Spanish initiative to spread and support scientific illustration.

Each participant focused on a species and produced few illustrations that, together with a short descriptive text, would become an online publication (in Spanish). The Eurasian eagle-owl was my species and we covered four techniques: pencil, ink, watercolor and scratch board.

Illustraciencia opens a scientific illustration contest every year, if you are into it, do not miss the next call!



Brand development guide – Pets into the Wild

This is the capstone project of the Graphic Design specialization I took online from the California Institute of the Arts.

The main idea was to follow all the steps to develop a brand visual identity. We were encourangd to be as creative as possible with our brand, and so that is how Pets into the Wild was born – a travel agency for pets.

Despite the silly/funny idea behind Pets into Wild, this project was definitely a great way to apply everthing about composition, typography, color, etc learned during the specialization.

Check it out by clicking on the link below:



This drawing was a private commission. My client is very fond of roses and in particular, a rose bush planted by her grandmother. This is a kind of rose bush with delicate scented flowers. It is quite rare nowadays to find this kind of rose smell.

I was able to spend a long time in her garden and sketch the roses from several angles (and smell them). The final composition represents three blooming stages of the rose.