Hi, I am Anna

Italian Alps - 2013

I am an illustrator with a passion for natural sciences, or maybe a natural scientist with a passion for visual arts. Either way, what drives me forward is the combination of nature and art.

My passion for natural sciences led me to obtain a degree in Geology and a MSc in Environmental Sciences (Barcelona, Spain). Last year, I also finished a PhD in Evolutionary Biology at the University of Zürich (Switzerland).

My foray into visual arts started during my PhD, when I became interested in scientific illustration as a tool scientists can use to improve the impact of their research. This led me naturally to pursue the path of illustration and design professionally after finishing my graduate studies. Since 2016 I have been sharpening my art skills by taking courses in graphic design, illustration and scientific illustration, and gaining professional experience as a freelancer.

I believe now more than ever we need to raise the awareness about biodiversity, conservation, environmental changes, pollution and remediation. We need to get in touch with and learn about our natural surroundings – we are indeed nature too!

Scientists are doing an outstanding job already, but how to reach a broader audience? This is where I come into play – I love to tell stories through images and to engage the viewer. The combination of visual arts with scientific knowledge can communicate beautifully and effectively the wonders of the Earth.

Currently, I am living in Cambridge (MA) and want to join and work with enthusiastic and curious people who share my passion for natural sciences and art.